The Brand Due Per Due was created in 1987 in New York with the pairing of Anthony Fu, the President of the company and Ted Boucher as the designer. The company targets the market by offering garments cared in every detail with handmade processes thanks to a high research of quality fabric combined to a precise tailoring knowledge. The company grew quickly with the popularity of its silk products. By the 1990's, Due Per Due was selling in major department stores such as Macy's and Bloomingdale. The brand continues to grow with the business of specialty stores with Richard Cocherl as the Sales Director. The focus of Due Per Due remains on producing quality jackets with updated design and fabrication. In recent years, the market for Due Per Due has grown to all over the United States, Mexico, Canada and China. With the continuing pursuant of excellence, we are confident that Due Per Due will continue to grow with the specialty stores.

209 Wst 38 was created as our first collection line in 2009. The philosophy behind 209 Wst 38 was to create a younger-targeted collection, offering a fresh and dynamic total look. 209 Wst 38 draws inspiration from the new market trends with a particular look at the sporty and day clothing trying to enhance its creations with always more innovative offers. Our collection line includes jackets, pants, skirts, blouses, sweaters and scarves etc. We believe that a successful 209 Wst 38 means consistently producing garments with broad colors and updated design. With Anita Fu as our designer and Richard Cocherl as our sales director, our brand has been growing within the specialty stores market with the great help of our regional representatives.

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